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Welcome To the very first class of your ward, here your kid will learn so many things all around. your kid will be introduced with colours, shapes, vegetables, fruits, numbers, alphabets, good habits, dining mannerism, behavioural facts, greetings and of course gripping/holding.

But this is not the end, it is just a starting, there are hundreds of activities, hundred of games and multiple magical approaches are there to make a kid more active and attentive.



Creative Time

 Puppet Shows

 Drawing & Coloring Time

 Story Time

 Celebration of festivals and special days

 Free Play with Technology Corner

 Rhymes corner and public speaking

Key Area

 Building communication skills

 Language Readiness and understanding instructions

 Theme based Activities

 Learning by exploration

 learning by hand moments and rhymes

ROOTS SCHOOL’s kids have claimed many milestones so far!

We not only give them best atmosphere for education but also to explore their hidden talent. we organize two grand level function every year as ROOTFEST, Annual day & SPORTS DAY, Annual sports day to give our kids a big platform where they can explore and gain confidence.


  • Start Date 1st April 2019
  • Years Old 2-3.5 Years
  • Class Size 15
  • Class Duration 3 Hour/day
  • Transportation Available
  • Activities Available
  • Class Staff 2 Teachers, 2 Caretakers