Kids are more disciplined now. so many things happen here very good oral part, written work, games, assignment, general awareness and projects work given to kids.

The syllabus is prepared to stimulate and meet the child curiosity this level concentrated further social skills and prepared kid to come up in-crowd and prove themselves in collecting good habits social habits adjudicate the lower kindergarten focus on later recognition, handwriting, sounds, side works, reading, simple math concept, and exploring the world around us throw assignments and introducing on technology.

So far roots L.K.G kids are best at their age.


  •  Creative Time
  •  Library Time
  •  Story Time
  •  Sensory & Story Time
  •  Outdoor and indoor activities.
  •  Puppet shows and skits
  •  Celebration of festivals and special days
  •  Free Play with Technology Corner
Key Area
  •  Building communication skills
  •  Language Readiness
  •  Theme based Concept Time
  •  Learning by exploration
  •  Math and Language Skill Development
  •  Expression through art and drama
  •  Promoting cognitive development
ROOTS SCHOOL’s kids have claimed many milestones so far!

We not only give them best atmosphere for education but also to explore their hidden talent. we organize two grand level function every year as ROOTFEST, Annual day & SPORTS DAY, Annual sports day to give our kids a big platform where they can explore and gain confidence.

  • Start Date 1st April 2020
  • Years Old 4.5-5.5 Years
  • Class Size 25
  • Class Duration 4:30Hous/day
  • Transportation Available
  • Activities Available
  • Class Staff 2 Teachers, 3 Caretakers